How does Reiki treatment work?

Reiki works by transmitting life force energy from the practitioner to the patient using an approach referred to as hands-on healing or palm healing.

During this process, universal energy is channeled through the hands of the practitioner, in order to encourage the physical and/or emotional healing of the patient. Reiki flows from the practitioner’s hands to the affected areas of the patient’s mind and body, which brings awareness to the physical body, eradicating the negative energy which causes symptoms such as stress, depression, anxiety, and physical pain and replacing it with positive energy. The philosophy behind this practice is that the life force energy that flows within us dictates how we feel. Thus, if our life force energy is low, we are more susceptible to illness, stress, and anxiety, while if our life force is high, we are more likely to experience health and happiness.

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What can you expect during your appointment?

During a typical Toronto Reiki session, the patient lies fully clothed on a treatment table and the practitioner administers a soft, non-invasive touch on a number of locations including the head, back and front of the torso.

Depending on the patient’s needs, Reiki may also be used on the limbs, particularly if there is an injury or scar in this area. The practitioner’s touch will be light, as no pressure is applied. As a result, it is an incredibly comfortable and relaxing experience, which has a number of medical and therapeutic benefits. Many patients describe it as a refreshing, rejuvenating, and comforting treatment and it is not uncommon for clients to fall into a deep sleep or meditative state during Reiki. Because Reiki effects are cumulative, regular sessions are recommended, particularly for patients who experience on-going symptoms such as anxiety, depression, or chronic pain. A series of four sessions is ideal because this provides you with an opportunity to assess the benefits you receive from Reiki.

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What are the benefits of Reiki?

Reiki is renowned for its ability to alleviate pain, reduce anxiety, and clear the mind.

It is believed to have the following benefits:

  • Improved digestion
  • It can center you
  • Make you less reactive
  • Get a better night’s sleep, reducing fatigue
  • Manage side effects of medication
  • Help you recover from injury or surgery by improving the body’s ability to heal

Reiki is particularly beneficial for patients who are suffering from chronic pain as it can help them to manage their symptoms, while also alleviating their discomfort. As the anxiety and pain associated with their condition subsides, patients often feel a greater sense of hope, which can improve their quality of life. In addition, a clear mind can make it easier to evaluate and decide between the various recommended treatment options and make positive lifestyle choices when dealing with chronic pain. As a result, it often helps to empower patients, giving them the ability to become actively involved in their healthcare.

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How can Reiki be used to manage chronic pain?

Chronic pain, which is classified as pain that lasts upwards of three to six months, is a problem that affects a growing number of individuals.

In fact, it is one of the most frequent reasons that individuals seek medical attention. Because of its persistent nature, chronic pain can have a devastating impact on affected individuals’ lives, often hindering their ability to work, socialize, and participate in the activities they enjoy. In most cases, primary physicians prescribe pain medications to patients who suffer from chronic pain. Although medicine serves an important purpose, many individuals are reluctant to rely on pain medication as a long-term solution for chronic pain and seek out alternative, natural treatment options.

Reiki is an incredibly natural and non-invasive practice that can be used to relieve pain as well as the anxiety that often accompanies it. It does so by altering the flow of healing energy in the body, promoting balance and strengthening the patient’s sense of wellbeing. A recent study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine revealed that there is considerable evidence that bio field therapies such as Reiki are effective in decreasing the intensity of pain. Unlike medications, which often come with significant side effects, there are no risks involved with Reiki, which makes it a low-risk intervention. As an adjunct to effective pharmacological therapy, Reiki in Toronto may increase the relief a patient experiences.

Chronic pain is experienced subjectively so people will describe it in different ways. Some describe their pain as “shooting”, while others categorize it as “burning” or “aching”. Regardless of your symptoms, if you suffer from chronic pain, it likely impacts your mood, state of mind, and quality of life. As a result, it’s easy to feel hopeless, particularly if the medication you have been prescribed has not had a positive impact. However, there are a number of different ways to successfully manage chronic pain including meditation, acupuncture, and Reiki. At Painless Medicine and Therapeutics, we’re dedicated to working with our clients to help them find the best treatment option(s) for their chronic pain. To learn more about how Reiki can help you manage your chronic pain, alleviate your anxiety, or reduce the side effects caused by medications, we invite you to contact our clinic today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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Go Painless

Our team at Painless Medicine and Therapeutics focuses on improving our patient’s pain conditions.

Our goal and philosophy is to make the patient’s therapeutic experience as painless as possible by finding a therapeutic plan that best treats their symptoms and lifestyle. We truly believe in collaboration and working closely with patients so that they have control over their medication, and so that the treatment aligns with our clinic’s values.

In cases where chronic pain cannot be cured, but instead must be effectively managed, our team’s purpose is to limit the complications and to minimize the severity of the symptoms experienced by the patient. We wish to optimize our patients’ control over their pain so they feel enabled to be the best possible version of themselves and enjoy life again.

If you are suffering from a chronic pain condition, we highly suggest that you visit our clinic in Toronto to see what we can do for you.