About Us

Dr. Dov Weiss

Dr. Dov Weiss completed his Medical School training in 2003 at the world-renowned McGill University, after which he was accepted into the Anesthesiology program at the University of Toronto. Having successfully completed his specialist training in 2008, he was awarded with an FRCPSC enabling him to provide peri-operative care at a number of different hospitals in the Greater Toronto Area as well as Northern Ontario. Dr. Weiss continues to perform as a firm advocate for improving patient safety and quality of care, having participated in numerous committees and initiatives. The discipline of Anesthesiology emphasizes training that prioritizes safety and pain control. These principles have enabled Dr. Weiss to approach chronic pain medicine with a perspective that empowers patients to aggressively pursue multi-modal therapies, in attempting to assert ownership of their disease. Applying anesthesia principles of care to patients with chronic pain, Dr. Weiss follows a philosophy of care emphasizing the unique pain experience of every individual patient. Recognizing that a “one size fits all” approach is unsuitable for complex chronic pain syndromes, Dr. Weiss emphasizes the importance of treating the individual as a whole, in order to obtain optimal results.

Go Painless

Our team at Painless Medicine and Therapeutics focuses on improving our patient’s pain conditions.

Our goal and philosophy is to make the patient’s therapeutic experience as painless as possible by finding a therapeutic plan that best treats their symptoms and lifestyle. We truly believe in collaboration and working closely with patients so that they have control over their medication, and so that the treatment aligns with our clinic’s values.

In cases where chronic pain cannot be cured, but instead must be effectively managed, our team’s purpose is to limit the complications and to minimize the severity of the symptoms experienced by the patient. We wish to optimize our patients’ control over their pain so they feel enabled to be the best possible version of themselves and enjoy life again.

If you are suffering from a chronic pain condition, we highly suggest that you visit our clinic in Toronto to see what we can do for you.